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Re: What Were Your Symptoms Before Diagnosis?

My husband had no symptoms for a long time. From time to time, he complained of diarrhea and flat, ribbon-like stool, but it was infrequent. In an unrelated event, he was hospitalized for a seizure due to an insulin reaction and the doctor gave him some heparin. He had severe rectal bleeding right after getting the heparin and the doctor said it was due to blood thinners causing his hemorroids to bleed. He had never been previously diagnosed with hemorroids, by the way. After he was discharged, he continued to have rectal bleeding off and on for several weeks and the doctor kept saying it was hemorroids and the bleeding would go away. Finally, we insisted that the bleeding wasn't normal and the doctor scheduled a colonoscopy and that's how the cancer was diagnosed. He was Stage III by the time he had surgery. If the doctor had ordered the colonoscopy earlier, he may have been Stage II, but it's hard to be sure. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.