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Re: What Were Your Symptoms Before Diagnosis?

Husband bowel cancer spread to liver. Now age 45.

Husband had rectal bleeding but also suffered from hems so it was put down to that. Then the change in toilet habbit (diahhrea and stomach cramps). Suspected IBS. Then the weight loss. This all happened gradually during last last year.

He was only 43 when he first approached his GP about hems and as he genuinely has them, there was no need to suspect anything more sinister. I think it was in summertime, that was when he started to lose weight but only enough to make people comment that he was looking trim and of course he felt good cos he was at his best weight and

When the change in toilet habbit occurred (I am a little sketchy about when this exactly was cos we weren't in the habbit of talking toilet ) think it was Oct/Nov last year, things seemed to accellerate. By the time Christmas had come he was jumping to toilet 3/4 times a day. The weight loss was more pronounced too. Quite a few people (including my own mother who ironically also was diagnosed with same desease - will post another thread about that one) accused me of not looking after him ( despite the fact that he is a grown man and is happy to cook and feed himself) and this cut very deep with me. Those people do not look me in the eye any more (except for mum and I do forgive her).

Anyhow, he ended up losing about 40lbs total up to his bowel resection and another 10 lbs afterwards. He saw his GP just after Christmas and he then referred him to our bowel surgeon. We had to wait until March to see him (British national health service) and from there we were fast tracked through all the tests up to sugery.