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I don't know if things will get better for you but I know things keep going downhill for me. I had surgery last year for a herniated disk at C3. The doctor at the time thought that was the only problem and he only did the surgery because the EMG was showing more of a problem than the MRI. When I had the surgery the doctor was surprised to find a large bone spur at that level. The disk was removed along with the bone spur. I was bad enough before the surgery but now I feel completely worse. Plus the bone spur grew back in the same spot. After more research my doctor came to the conclusion that I have Osteoarthritis of the spine. I have bone spurs at different levels througout my neck and the EMG is showing problems. I don't have any other herniated disks so the pain has to be coming from the bone spurs. A different doctor had suggested surgery to remove the bone spurs but he decided against this once he found out my other doctor did not see a reason to. I am actually happy about that because although without surgery I don't stand a chance at getting rid of the pain I don't have to worry about feeling worse after surgery. I went through Physical Therapy for two months but after it making the pain worse I decided to stop. Now I am going to try Massage Therapy but even though I think it will help I don't really think it will get rid of the pain except for a short period after the massage. The areas I get the most amount of pain in is my Neck, Upper back area and my upper arms. At times during the day my arms will go numb while I am using them but usually I only have this problem at night. I wake up all the time because of this. I also have problems with fatigue and sitting down. It seems like I can never get enough sleep and I need on average of 10 hours a night to feel at least somewhat rested. I tried getting only 8 hours of sleep for a week but became to exhausted so I know I am not oversleeping. My neck seems to hurt the most with sitting or walking. I usually have to alternate between standing and sitting at least every 20 minutes or so. Standing still alone will aggravate my neck so I have to pace slowly. I have had my problem for over 13 years now and it has only become worse. I have been on disability since the beginning of June and even with the reduced activity my neck is still becoming worse. I spent 900 dollars on a bed to see if that would make any difference and I should of just kept my old bed. I use heat on the painful areas all the time and this helps but usually doesn't have any lasting releif. I am at the point where I have more fun being in the comfort of my home than going out to do things. Many times I feel like doing things but just don't have the energy to. I have wanted to take walks and I usually don't make it any further than my driveway before the pain changes my mind. For a while I forced myself to walk a little bit everyday because I was told this would help and that I would feel better after a few weeks. I pushed myself for three weeks but the pain became so severe I had to stop. I can understand the symptoms being aggravated at first but when it just keeps becoming more severe you know it is not helping. Probably the worst thing I have noticed is that if my condition gets worse it never goes back to the way it was before. Like with the walking, I have felt worse since and did not recover to the way I felt before I started. Of course if I have an MRI or EMG done my condition appears the same as it did before. I pray everyday when I go to sleep that I wake up feeling like the old me. I miss those days so much. Being able to wake up feeling refreshed and happy. Ready to get the day started. Feeling like the old me would be the best drug in the world. Take care