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Bradley, your story sounds so familiar! I am only 47 and can not imagine what it will be like 10yrs from now! I am getting so scared. I am alone. Sometime I get so afraid that my back will give out and I won't be able to get help. I use to fall down before my surgery on L5, my back would go out and I could not stand or straighten up. I am thinking it may be MS? but with all the disc problems probably related to that. The arthritis seems to be taking over! My hands now are getting it, Ihave bumps on knuckles and a bump on my ankle and Knee. I want to go for walks but afraid my back will go out. I have been so inactive, maybe if I push myself I will improve? But I did some packing the other day and since I have been worse! I wonder if surgery made it worse? or would nerve damage resulted if did not do surgery? (looks like I have nerve damage anyway) on top of it my sinuses are so screwed up! I wake up at night with my eye running with water, nose flushing fluid, doesn't happen during the day just when I am laying down? We work so hard all our lives and give to our jobs and end up like this? Then we have to fight for disability, yep, they are putting me thru hell! I got the short term dis ran out 8/30, now waiting for approval for l/t. They keep asking for stuff and say they didn't get it... I am in for a battle with this! Pitty party over, thanks for listening!!!!
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