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Re: Bodybuilding and Sex Appeal

When I was in my late teens and early twenties I would occasionally go to the gym with my buddies only because I was just tagging along with them at the spur of the moment. I never really took to body building or anything having to do with the gym. I would rather have been putting 200 miles on my bicycle like I did on most free weekends. I always preferred to ride by myself on the country roads. Just me against the wind. I still have that bicycle. I should start riding again but I'm too much of a couch potatoe (Dan's spelling ) now adays.

So, even though I never really took up body building I always had natural athletic looking biceps. If I have to compare them to someone it would be to David Robinson's biceps of the San Antonio Spurs, but mine were more profound. People would always make comments about them even though I wore ordinary T shirts. I have never owned, much less worn (not even once) in my entire life, any of those muscle (wife beater) T shirts some guys like to wear to show off their muscular hairy armpits. Fortunately for me, and them(guys), nobody ever made any comments about my arms relative to my penis size, at least not to my face.

Well, maybe I got self conscious about it. I don't know. Like maybe I didn't do any excercise to earn them or whatever. People would ask me questions like "Do you work out". I always answer "No" which was true because to answer otherwise may have lead to questions about working out that I couldn't answer.

I never really thought about it much but in my mid 20's I started wearing long sleeve shirts exclusively and I still do to this day as I approach 50. On occasion when I am around friends and someone grabs me by the arm to get my attention, there is a 50/50 chance they will still make a comment about them even though I am easily 25 to 30 pounds overweight.

Anyway, I don't consider myself naturally gifted in my other department. I'm am pretty much normal there, as far as size goes.

As for the vehicle I own and drive everyday. The comment in question is not even a remote possibility for me. Promise not to laugh. I have been faithful in that I have only owned one vehicle (running vehicle that is) in my entire life. I still drive it today as my only vehicle that I bought off the show room floor 28 years ago. She's the longest lasting relationship I've ever had. She's abandoned me only a couple of times when I took her for granted and neglected her. Isn't that just like a woman? But still, she has stuck by me for over a million miles together and we are ready to go for another million and she has never cheated on me. Now that's love!

Did I say I have been faithful as well? Well actually, I've cheated on her many many times by renting a vehicle on ocassion, but I refuse to rent a Mustang, any convertible, or any type of red colored vehicle. Regardless of what you may think of me for cheating, I don't care, I have my principles.