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im really confused about this guy

Hey im kinda stuck in a rut here. Ok to start, i am in college and haven't had much luck with guys. I haven't had a bf since junior year, adn well ive dated a lot, but I guess im pretty paranoid or something. I really am in a weird situation with this guy. At first i heard all the girls talking about him and didnt' know who or what he looked like or was. We were in the cafe eating and he saw me just kept looking at me and finally introduced himself. He was taking one of the classes i had previously taken and we found out i told him id help him and we had planned on meetin gup. that never happend because for some reason everytime id see himn id shy away. We started talking after a while, getting to know each other a little more. Slowly it gradually got better but I was still so extremely nervous about talking to him. Id gtet all fast talking and wouldn't make sense. Well i wake him up every tuesday and thursday morning to go to class and thats how it started.

I had to call him to ask if i needed to wake him up, he said sure and we started to talk. That night we were at the silverdollar this bar thing and i was invited to go over to my friends house with him and a few other people. I gladly accepted and ill call him*bob* and bob and i were totally flirting and we ended up cuddling when we went to sleep, he actually kissed me OMGOSH!!! well i was half asleep and i rolled over he was awake, looked at me and was like you shouldn't do that you wouldn't feel comfortable. i was facing him... I got really confused and got up and slept elsewhere. Well we contingued to talk after that and we hung out more and i addmitted to him that I liked him. he said he liked me also but wanted to take things slow, fine with me. So we hung out and went for coffe, Hes kissed me a second time.. but lately Hes been acting weird.. I dunno when its just us two were fine flirty fun and we talk like its amazing, when his roomates in theres its almost like it but differen't he acts kinda spacey.. But when hes around otheer people he totally ignores me and won't talk to me.. Im so [email protected]!!!!! I wrote him a letter about the type of person I am and how i was confused. I ddnt' mention anything about a relationship or anything.. Just that i was confused on why he acted that way. I guess what im trying to ask is was it wrong for me to ask that.. or what could it mean with him acting like that.. I havne't liked a guy as much as i like him in such a long time. and i really didn't want to mess thigns up.. it was three days ago and I still haven't talked to him.. could someone plz help... im am really confsued.. should I keep talking to him? i gotta wake him up in the morning... Or should. I what... plz help!!!-chrystal

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