Thread: is he tooo old?
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Re: is he tooo old?

um well considering your what?? UHHH how old? lol I have no idea i don't remember how old I was as a freshman let me think. wow Ok yes your young your what like 14? 15 uM He may really like u if he asked you out, but for one your paren'ts really might not like the age difference, hes about to graduate highschool. IM not trying to sound mean but a lot of senior guys will ask freshman girls out because they are young and "Pure" im not saying hes like that just warning you that if you go out with him be careful ok???? I think that you are too young because hes 18 thats illegal to be dating him if your not 16 i think? Sorry im a little bit tired right now. Get to know him first, be his friend first, if he won't be your friend first then don't hang with him that should give you a clue. I bet if a senior is asking you out then plenty of freshman boys will be crawling at your feet. take it slow do't rush into dating somone much older then you, you are still very young.. Good luck-chrys