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Re: What you guys think?

Um ok it sounds like lust to me. You guys are both still very young i dont know if you guys could know exactly what love is. Some people find it within days, its kinda weird how it works, you said you "did" it after a month did what? Had sex? Lol If shes dated a lot of guys she could be dependent on them. IM not saying your not differen't but Id be careful. who innitiated the " i love you's first?"
Do you know if shes ever been in love before? R U in love with her, You say that you are in love with her, but you haven't been dating that long. Have you ever been in a serious relationship before? Im 18 almost 19 and ive never been in love. I think ive been infatuated, and all around me my friends are falilng in love for the first time. I think id describe love as someone that you can't stand to be with out, everytime you kiss that person you get butterflies and all tingly when they just brush against you, when they can still make you blush you know make you laugh over the stupidest thing, make you feel comfortable to be around them. I don't know to me it sounds like it could be lust, and if your questiong her about her loving you, then maybe you don't love her and your confused a bit and maybe scared because you might think you are and your not ready, or your scared because she might be and you don't know if shes serious if shes dated a lot of guys anyway. I wouldn't say I love you quite that quickly. Just date her a bit longer, get to know her more before you make the commitment of I love you. YOu are still young!!!! You will find love sooner or later, just don't rush it because you feel you might have to.. Keep us posted and good luck. If you are in love then im happy for you one of these days ill figure it out -chrys