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Hi Sue.
Puritan is the brand. They say what you rub into your skin, your skin absorbs it, so I figure I must be getting some help from it. I certainly think I do, it's not all in my head....;> ). I don't know if I am being helped by the Glucosamine pills though...but I hate to stop them, to see what happens. I've been riding my recumbent bike now about every day, at least 2 miles or more, and I also feel that is helping my knees. I can't take walking that far, but I can ride and only because I am pushing forward with my knees when riding the recumbent, rather than pushing down on a regular bike. I couldn't take riding a regular bike either. This recumbent cost me a pretty penny, but its well worth it, if it keeps me going, pretty much pain free. If I walk for two miles, I am in alot of pain the next day and that night, actually. I see excercise is the key, but how you do it, makes a big difference. I am convinced this Chrondomalacia is a fancy name for plain ol arthritis in the knee. Jmho.