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Question general question i suppose...

this goes to both guys and girls alike...
first a little story...
my bf is leaving class and i see him in the hall, 5 feet infront of me walks a particularly... "slutty"... girl [no offense...] which i personally dislike... he acknowledges her, but managed to completely miss me, a little later i had a chance to talk to him and although he wouldn't tell me her name, he said she had given him a flower in homeroom and wanted him to wear it all day, but he didn't want to- i also found out he had waited further down the hall for me... although it wasn't too much of a bother, it did hurt a bit... on the ride home, it was still plaguing my mind and upon being requested several times to tell what was bothering me, i mentioned it again and he explained she and some other girl were bothering him in homeroom, and to get them to shut up he took it and said he'd wear it to humour them... I had acquired her name and he verified it [yet he wouldn't mention it earlier...?] ... somehow he seemed completely in disbelief that i took the situation as such... i had told him several times i didn't want to tell him what was on my mind [becuase i knew it was stupid], and his response to much of this was, "well i'm sorry i have friends that are girls" i mean, it was still on my mind but not a major bother and now by all means i trust my boyfriend and i have no problem with him talking with friends tha are female, but i find myself hurt and well... "jealous" [ ] when he talks with other girls that i know aren't part of his normal "groupie"... and also, when people openly hit on him especially when i'm standing there... i tried to explain it but i dont know if he grasped what i was trying to say--- now i know i can be over-emotional and take things the wrong way... but these things tend to eat away at me [and yes, i'm trying to stop it...] i guess though... how would you feel? ...anyone had any similar situations... or... would like to give some imput on how they'd react in this situation...?
just curious and want to ease my mind a bit now that i'm pretty well frazzled and overly paranoid...
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