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Re: What you guys think?

Originally Posted by so_cunfuzzled
... I think id describe love as someone that you can't stand to be with out, everytime you kiss that person you get butterflies and all tingly when they just brush against you, when they can still make you blush you know make you laugh over the stupidest thing, make you feel comfortable to be around them...
sounds about right to me... alright i'm about 18, i have only ever been in two "relationships", one was pure infatuation... the other i'm currently still in and it's wonderful... now, even though i may not be "experienced" per say, i've still seen a lot and figure hey... i'll give you another $.02... and i apologize if i end up rambling [seems to be my habit today...]

love is a bit of an ambigious... "thing"... i suppose, there is no real definition and it's really only based on opinions that are pretty well influenced by your upbringing... enviroment... and your own experiences... now, from what i understand and have seen... this seems a bit like "lust"... 2 1/2 months is a short time and to be saying that you'd marry each other and never leave each other, etc.... i don't now, doesn't seem like "real love"... i mean by all means it is possible to find love at such a young age and if you have, then kudos to you- that's great... but to me, love is like, this natural and unspoken bond-- when you are with that person you feel like nothing can breing you down... and when you feel like things are, tehy are there by your side... the onlything that's really difficult in anysituatin like this is... you never really know "they are the one"... anything can happened between teh time you start dating to the initial marriage ceremony and even after... i guess love is really quite "weird"... it's an instict... relationships grow over time, not in 2 1.2 months... it takes time for a relationship to really grow and for "love" to reach full bloom... i guess that's where i'd draw a line between lust and love... lust is quick and your down with, love is an understanding and a bond that allows you to grow with someone...
my bf and i are going on a year soon, and we still have yet to say "i love you"... and to... "do it" [... basically, you guessed it... have sex... ] and we've never talked about marriage... at most, we've talked about what we both want to do in our future and only planned as far as having an apartment our second year of college and occassionally we'll remark humorously about things in the future... to me, lust is nothing like what i'm experiencing... we are there constantly by each othersides and do whatever we can to be there for each other, there are minimal arugements, but when there are, we sit and discuss them, and figure out what went wrong where and try to solve the problem... it took me a while into our relationship for me to decide that i do "love" him, that it wasn't just "lust"...
well, i think i've done well in going in a circle... so once again, i apologize... but i guess, just to maybe make sense of all the jumble above... you [and her] have to look deep with in yourselves and ask yourself how you truely feel... to truely love someone usually takes time, and musn't be rushed...

i hope this babble was to some aid... and i will say if you've truly found love- wonderful... hold on to it because it's hard to come by, especially so young... if it doesn't work out... then i wouldn't worry, love hasn't found you yet...
... take care and best wishes...
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