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Re: South Beach Diet

Originally Posted by SandyK
Hi everyone.

Has anyone here tried the South Beach Diet? If so, what was your results?

I am now beginning my second week, and wonder how others are doing?
Hi, Sandy. I have been on the SOBE diet for a month and have lost almost 20 pounds. I expect to reach that goal this weekend.
As expected, I lost a bunch at first in Phase 1. As I switched to phase 2 and added a bit more exercise, I have slowed the weight loss to a very exceptable 2-3 pounds a week. I still have 30-40 pounds to lose, but I am very happy about the progress so far.
It really has been a pain-free change, at least for me. I have a very strong sweet tooth, and have been really addicted to carbs. I have been able to walk away from them with this plan. I say plan, since this is a lifestyle change, not a weight-loss diet. If you don't break the addictions which led to the weight loss in the first place, you'll go right back to those ways (weighs?) when you reach your desired weight or get tired of working at it. Remember: the weight didn't go on overnight, and it's not going to come off overnight, either, not if you want it to stay off.
Stay the course. Enjoy the sugar-free jello and pudding. If you fall off, get right back on. A single slip doesn't negate all the good you've already done.
If you haven't alreaqdy been there, you may want to check out the forums at
Good luck!