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Arthritic toe joint??

I have been having pain in my left foot big toe joint for about two months and then the same started on my right foot about 3 weeks ago. I went to the doctor and they thought it was gout but all the test said no go for gout. But the x-rays showed spurs on the toe joints. I dont know if it just involves the big toe or if others are involved (doc didnt say). I have an appointment with podiatry in about 3 weeks to see what is wrong. Anyone have ideas of what this could be. Now the other joints at the base of my toes on left foot are hurting, I thought it may be from walking with the weight on them instead of on my big toe. I dont have bunions or any arthritis that I know of. I am very active or was until i got the foot pain. I wear serveral different kinds of shoe including military boots (no choice there, part of the uniform). The pain seems to be more severe in certain shoes, but I am always in pain when I walk no matter what I am wearing.

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