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Re: 4 yr old son Dxed w/ADHD today

Originally Posted by Chellaine
A few things I wanted to mention about his behavior also are that he is a head banger, when he gets mad, he will bang his head on anything near him, be it carpeted floor, concrete, wood furniture, it doesn't matter, he has done that since he was about 1 1/2. He also has a couple of speech impediments, slight echolalia and a slight stutter, neither of them are very bad, but they are there. Another thing is discipline, it has no effect, if he does something, we discipline him, he turns around and does it again immediately, we discipline, he turns around and does it again, etc...
It's a viscious circle. He act like he just doesn't understand what the meaning of discipline is and what the meaning of the wrong-doing is.
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As a special educator, I have worked with students moderate to severe disablities. I have experience with working with students who have ADD and Autism. From what you have written so far, I have come to the determination that your child may not have ADD but may be Autistic. The behaviors that your child is exibiting corrseponds with children who have Autism. You may want to get him tested so that he can get the services that he deserves. With good interventions from a psychologist and early intervention program, your child will eventually be able to grow out of his behavior.