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Re: Had another one today

Originally Posted by dizzykim00
Well, thought I was doing good, hadn't had an "attack" since last Wed. I had to take one of my cats to the vet this morning, made it through that ok. Came home, did some painting in my kitchen, cleaned up, went in to watch some TV. BOOM! It came from out of nowhere.....the not being able to breathe, first the flushed, hot feeling, then the shivering and shaking. This one didn't last as long, but seemd more intense than any of the others. And of course the first thing I did was pick up the phone, and start pacing.

Does anyone else feel real shakey and like nervous afterwards? For me, that part lasts the longest, could be up to an hour after the bad part passes. And also, I am going to my GI doc tomorrow (follow-up for the GERD), should I mention to him what has been going on? I hate feeling this way, but what I hate even worse is the way they can sneak up on you It's now almost midnight, and the fear is back about falling asleep. It's a never ending vicious cycle that's hard to break.


Hi Kim,

I hope you are doing better hun. Yes, I go through the nervousness too. I went back to church on sunday. I haven't gone in a while and the more and more I thought of it, the more nervous I got. I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. I'm kind of feeling that way now as I write. I also feel this way after a panic attack too. I feel like my brain just cannot get right. Sometimes I see weird things. Like my eyes can't adjust right. The walls move funny sometimes too. It's hard to explain. This lasts for sometimes over an hour for me or until my Klonopin kicks in, which helps out alot. It stables me out.

Anyway, let us know what your doctor says.