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Re: Had another one today

Well, not too much to report on the dr. visit. He basically told me I need to see a family physician who knows more about these things So, I guess I'll be calling and setting up an appt. tomorrow. And tomorrow I get to have a cat scan of my belly...YAY! more stress! I know its a simple thing, but I get sooooo worked up over this stuff.

I did finally get to sleep last night. (once the shakiness and crap ended) And, I made a big step last night, I finally told my family what has been going on. I had called my sister (who still lives at home) and had her come get me so I wouldn't be here alone. They were all like "we had no idea, why didn't you say anything??" Well, its not something you like to brag about. lol Am I right??

Well, that was the extent of my day. Just thought I'd let you all know what happened at the dr. Hope you all are having a good evening...