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Re: feel horrible

Ok, I'll try to address in order I read it...

First of all - ****! your teachers. If they give you any **** tell them to shove it, they can go to hell.
If they know whats going on with you, and still give you trouble, talk to anyone of their superiours and they will be screwed totaly!

AS for the drugs, I dont think you should just keep bumpin them up - Your doctors right. You said you wanted them cos you cant think straight? Theres alot of remedies for that. They might sound stupid, but things like Meditation, and alot of the Chinese/Japanese arts are great for stress realease, and allow you to think straight again.

With your old B/F. Anyone you talk to, I will ASSURE, id going to say the same thing. He is everything a guy shouldn't be. Trust me, no one on earth will take his side, because he's just a piece of ****.

I dont know why you beat your self up over what he said and did. If he wants to treat people like he does, he's gonna have a seriously **** life, and probably a seriously short one too.

You on the other hand, you'll be fine. You say people think your pretty. WHY would they say that if it wasn't true? You might think they are just saying it to make you feel better, but think about. Your friends are good enough to say what they really feel, and guys even at your age still have a hard time handing out a compliment like that.

You were with the worst thing life has to offer. Really, it can only get better from here. He said he loved you, he didn't mean, so what? Does that make you any less of a person? NO. It only means he's a ****n manipulative *******.

Try and put the whole thing behind you. If theres one thing you can take away from it. Its that there are some seriously selfish people out there, make the most of those who aren't.

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