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Re: feel horrible

Thanks for that. I definitly needed it. I just don't know why I'm so lost. I couldn't go to school this morning. I just couldn't handle it... all of the people, all of the stress... My dad almost flipped. He kept calling me irresponsible, and said if I was tired that was my fault and I've got to learn how to get up on my own...?

ARGHHH!!!!!!!!! I just hate this. I've always been so level headed... now I feel like I can't even tie my shoes. I wish it would all go away. This doesn't seem at all normal to me...

I think it's so dumb because my mind is thinking the right things, my mind totally realizes that he was a jerk... but he was the only person I could talk to. I had no other friends of family that I would confide in, or that would cheer me up. No I'm totally alone and my stupid little heart knows it. I'm only functioning on habit right now. I don't even want to take my pills this morning...