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Re: What you guys think?

Hey well ok it sounds like your in the same situation as my roomate and personally just seeing it is makign me sick! Lol i know that she is in love but she was looking for love, she was always telling me how if she had someone she would feel so much better about herself. Theve been dating a month after two weeks theys aid i love you, just htis last sunday then went to a bed and breakfast, shes only 18 andd they are going to move to arizona together next year to go to college togehter. And are talking about marriage. I dont know what it is but a lot of people like to feel special and don't always see whyats right in front of them.. Im not even doubting your feelings for each other.. just don't take things to far or way to fast thats not gonna help anything.. Just because you feel so strongly now doesnt' mean thats how you really and truly feel. LIke i said lust don't say love yet. YOu hvaen't been together long enough, it oculd be infatuation.. it could be love but I doubt it.. Im not tryint o burst your bubble but I see so many people make that mistake. I hope that what your feeling is true.. Just take a step back.. You guys are so involed with each other right now thats how you feel just give it more time ok? And then see where your feelings stand.. don't fall to hard in the beginning cuz if it doesn't work hard your ognna fall harder for the next one.. goodluck-chrystal