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advice on friendship!!!

one of my friends from school stop talking to me. this been hapening for about 2 months now. And its for a stupid reason. During that time i was going through a situation with my boyfriend- which we were arguing (and broke up ). but situation was not serious. well i spoke to her the next day at school for her advice and asking her to hear me out. but instead she told me " if u ever go back out with him, i'm going to this own u as a friend" and she laughed after she said that. but i took as a joke cause she was laughing.a week after that , my bf settle our diffrences. and we just hooked up again. when she heard that happen she got mad and stop compeletey stop talking to me.

i know i wouldnt do that to my friends.but why she had to do. i want to get over this, including my other friends. they said is immature for us to stop talking. but its not my fault and i know that im not immture.this is our last year in hs. we got 2 more months. what i want to know is , should i go up and talk 2 her about this situation even though its not my fault???????? its rediculous.i thought she was my true friend.. but she prove to me that she just an immature *****. would u do this to a friend??? do u think its stupid??? answer please! thanks!

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