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Re: advice on friendship!!!

High school is the most dangerous place for friendship. When I was a sophomore in hs, i had a friend who i had known since 7th grade, that's like 3 years. And one day she asked my girlfriend what my phone number was becuase she lost it, and my girlfriend didn't give it to her becuase gf just shouldn't be giving out their bf's numbers to other girls. So my friend got ****** at me and would not talk to me and avoided me. If I tried to talk to her, she'd just ignore me. 3 years of friendship gone in a couple of moments. That's highschool life right there, weather you're at the end or beginning of it. I just let her go. I didn't want to make things worse and I knew that i'd get over it with time. And sure enough I did. So you can try to talk to her maturley (spelled wrong), but if she's not willing, I would just let her go, or maybe just wait a while and then come back later and see if she wants to hang out sometime or something. Some friends just aren't the friends you thought they were. Sorry you're in the situation.
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