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Re: How does Chronic Fatigue differ from ... ?

Originally Posted by Dear Maggie
This is what the Center for Disease Control says about the latter 2:
[url][/url] If these were to last longer than 6 months then check other causes of fatigue. CFS is only a singular symptom, fatigue only, no other symptoms
CFS is only a singular symptom of fatigue??? I have had CFS for 11 years and this kind of information is precisely the problem with getting more funding for research and attention to this devastating illness; that is, that the name implies that it is only fatigue. CFS effects every bodily system and unlike mono, which has a course, can last a lifetime. Thankfully, the CFIDS Foundation is working to change the name of this illness! Unfortunately, most doctors know very little about CFIDS, so the information that comes forth is usually incorrect.

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