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Pain after root canal and tooth removal

Hi. I had a root canal almost two years ago. My tooth started turning gray after having it done and I went back. They missed a root so they re did it. I still had major pain and developed an abcess. Went back and they pulled the tooth. Since the tooth has been pulled I have had major problems. I got a major sinus infection... I have Never ever had one before. I get pain stemming from my jaw up to my ear and then I get this pain that goes around my right eye. It helps if I massage it, or if I close my right eye the pain lessens. Sometimes, my upper teeth ache. I do have a problem grinding and clenching my teeth at night. I have also had tmj surgery but on the left side. I didn't have any of these problems until my root canal and it got worse after the removal of the tooth. I see a new dentist next week. I'm wondering if it could be my eye since I have bad vision in my right eye as well. I haven't been able to eat on the one side of my mouth since the tooth removal. I am thinking of getting a bridge to replace the tooth but it is very expensive and I don't have dental coverage. Anyone had any problems after a root canal or tooth removal? It is on the upper right ... one of my molars. I am in constant pain all the time. Any suggestions? Thank you

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