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Re: Pain after root canal and tooth removal

I don't mean to scare you but sometimes having a tooth removed can set off tmjd symptoms. If your teeth are balanced and something changes within your bite to evenly minimally affect that balance, symptoms can occur. Even having a tooth or crown done a teeny bit too high or two low can set off tmjd. Also, sometimes the root of teeth go very far into the sinus cavity which can cause problems upon removal.

All the symptoms you describe are tmjd symptoms, including the eye pain - although tmjd may not be your problem. I get pain up one side of my face, kind of achy pain which makes me feel like it's behind my eye and that my eye feels droopy (even though it doesn't look that way). My vision is also affected (also a tmjd symptom). Sometimes it's perfectly clear and other times not as in focus. I had my eyes re-checked recently as I was concerned. There is no change in my prescription and everything is fine with them.

You might want to see a dentist specializing in tmjd. They can do tomogram xrays to see if your jawbone is in the proper position.

Good luck.