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Re: Can anyone help me out?

Your smoking wont effect her ability to have healthy children,unless of course you smoke around her and she is pregnant. Just like regular cigs that produce second hand smoke so can weed and that can effect both her and a fetus.
Second for men it can effect their fertility in several ways. Smoking period no matter they type is not good for you or your sperm. Smoking can effect your erections hence making it harder to have sex. Smoking also effects the sperm count,(a low count can make it harder to become pregnant),motility(the movement and swimming of the sperm)can be effected,and the numbers of deformed sperm can increased with smoking. Those things can effect your fertility making it harder for your gf to get pregnant and it increases the risks of deformities and miscarriage for your gf. You see the poorer quailty of sperm the higher risk of miscarriage.
For your health and your future children it would be best to quit.
Her teacher was a bit off on what she told her class by the way she said it since it isnt passed to the girl it is just passed to the fertilized egg and that could cause problems.
You can find the book Taking Charge OF Your Fertility and it has some great info on men's fertility and the things that can effect it.
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