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Re: Can anyone help me out?

Hi Gary,

I honestly don't know how to answer your question since I don't have any factual evidence, but I have heard the same thing: that marijuana can make a man infertile.

If you spend any time around this board, you'll learn that the people trying desperately to conceive will do anything to get pregnant -- quit smoking, quit drinking (my doctor put my husband and I on a strict, limited alcohol regimen, which has been challening!), get poked and prodded, you name it.

None of us can make a decision for you -- it's going to have to come from your gut. It may not seem critical to you right now, but someday when you do want to start a family, it will become more important than you can fathom. You might realize then that you wished you had taken better care of yourself when you were younger. Not to mention, quitting smoking pot will make you an overall healthier person.

I wish you and your girlfriend much luck during this interesting time. I hope it brings you closer together and happier as a couple!