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Twisted Colon

My mother just had a much needed colonoscopy. Her problem has been very infrequent bowel movements. Her family doctor was prescribing all sorts of medications that were supposed to give her some relief but nothing worked. The OTC stuff didn't help either. I kept encouraging her to get a colonoscopy because it sounded to me like something was blocked and it needed to be checked out. FINALLY, her family sent her to a GI and she had the colonoscopy yesterday.

She had one polyp biopsied but the doctor said it looked like nothing (I still always worry). She was also told that she has Divericulitis and a slightly twisted colon. He said that the twisted colon was causing the constipation. He also said there wasn't anything they could do to fix it and suggested that my mom change her diet to include more fruits, veggies and fiber (which is what I have been telling her for months). She thinks that she can take metamucil one time and it should make her go. I tell her it doesn't work that way.

I guess I also learned that you can have Divericulitis w/o pain. I assume that it eventually would have led to pain but I always assumed that Divericulitis always causes immediate intense pain. I guess she is in the beginnnig stage of Divericulitis.

Anyway, thought I would share that info. Anyone else been diagnosed with a twisted colon?

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