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Question regarding back pain and angina or cad.

Sorry in advance about all of my questions I am posting lately but I am very worried lately. I understand that some people will only feel angina pain in there back. I believe this goes for some people who have heart attacks too. My question is for anyone who has had back pains related to heart problems or someone who can answer this what is the pain usually like. For angina would the pain only last for say 15 minutes and dissipate? Start with exertion and then stop? I have been having intermitten sharp back pains for a couple months now. Sometimes it will last for say around 10 seconds and then stop. My back has been sore when rubbed this whole time though. As of yesterday evening I have been having constant back pain in the mid to upper region but not up to my neck. Last night I tried stretching my back out to see if it would help and today it is worse. If back pains were caused by your heart would the area that hurts hurt more when rubbed? Would it feel like horrible muscle tension or would the feeling be deeper? I can definetely palpitate or rub the area and feel where it is sore but I'm not sure if this would still be the case with heart related back pains. This is happening during rest but when I felt slightly better today I did a hard 20 minutes on the elliptical exercise machine that did not make it worse at all. No other problems as well. I can rule out this being a heart attack at the moment because it has been nonstop since yesterday. At least I hope so. I wonder if this could all just be the enormous tension and stress I have been going through worrying about my heart lately. Well I went ahead and scheduled an exercise nuclear cardiac study for next Friday so I can put this all behind me but it feels like an eternity until then. This will be in addition to my 3 ekg's, chest xray, blood tests and exercise stress test that have been normal so far. Thank you so much to everyone who has answered my questions, it has been a big help.

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