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Re: 2 questions regarding vitamins....

Originally Posted by NatApoth2003
To clarify the reference to whole food supplements, actually that's misleading. You see, even the whole food supplements are - synthesized. They use a sythesized nutrient and grow it on a yeast base, allowing them to call it whole food. Synthetic is different (i.e.,dl vs d tocopherols). To the best of my knowledge there are no supplement that are truly and completely "whole food" unless one is talking about powdered veggies. If there are any please point me in the right direction and I'll check them out. M (oops, no don't point me by way of any web addresses - already got booted for that mistake - just tell me a name (I think you can do that) and I'll search for it myself, thanks)
I use a vitamin called liquid health that is made from seaweeds, I don't see how it is isn't a whole food vitamin according to the definition quoted. There is no "yeast base" is this supplement. There are other whole food multi vitamins such as the one I mentioned that are not derived from yeast. I do understand that there are companies who "mislead" consumers and that is a shame!