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Re: How does Chronic Fatigue differ from ... ?

Originally Posted by Dear Maggie
This is what the Center for Disease Control says about the latter 2:
[url][/url] If these were to last longer than 6 months then check other causes of fatigue. CFS is only a singular symptom, fatigue only, no other symptoms

Chronic Fatigue can also be an aspect of 'gulf war syndrome' symptoms, so obviously, multiple symptoms are present. Most any of the anemias could cause fatigue, wouldn't you think? An often undiagnosed 'chronic fatigue' is fragility of the red blood cells (low functioning) & it doesn't show up for awhile in the blood counts, but a 'retic' ratio might give an indication.

What is your situation? What employment do you have? Do you recall when your symptoms started & whether anything was happening differently than before that?
I work a very sedentary job.

My symtoms have increase over the last 2 years and I'm at the point that I am tired minutes after waking up.

Two weeks ago I had a tilt table test that I feel was taken too far. The agent that they used to increase heart rate during the test has caused me to still have chest pain/tightness and my exhaustion is considerably worse.

This is how I think a person would feel if they had weak adrenals.

I don't think the problem is depression.