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Well, I don't have an appointment with an endo until 3/15, but I have exhibited signs of thyroid problems for years (had a shrink just run a T3 on me years ago which showed nothing) and my chiropractor had these tests run and can't believe I have never been diagnosed. She said she could spot thyroid problems right away. I suffer from depression, disorganization, can only focus on one thing at a time, though successful. I became certain I have ADD, but shrink disagrees and I read that thyroid problems can mimic the symptoms. My mother had Grave's disease and my grandmother had a tumor on her thyroid. So! My labs are barely legible and some of the results are not in yet, but here is some of what I do have:

TSH .37 (range .47 - 6.9)
T4 5.4 (range 5.1 - 14.1)
T4 free I think must be 1.2, since it is in normal column, though it looks like .2, with range of .9 to 1.5
T3 free I think says 286 (range 182-462 pg/dL)

I am on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds, have substance abuse problems and get frequent sinus infections and bladder infections (the severe headaches caused the problems with the pills). I am also anemic. Have suffered depression and anxiety with fatigue and disorderliness my whole life. Supposedly the endo I am going to see is no longer accepting new patients, but the chiro talked her into squeezing me in. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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