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Re: Twisted Colon

You are right, she has diverticulosis and not -litis. I have been saying -litis but she hasn't been in pain like what is caused by -litis. She has areas that I believe are vulnerable to infection if she becomes impacted. I have been on her about adding more fruits and veggies to her diet and to start supplementing w/ metamucil, benefiber or something. If she doesn't listen and she gets diverticulitis, she will listen then. However, I do think she is listening and wants to reverse her condition or at least prevent it from becoming worse. She bought some benefiber and she talked about buying healthier foods. I tols her to stay with the new diet and fiber supplemenation for at least a week or two to see what happens. If it helps, great and if not, more diet adjustments may be needed. I told her this won't correct itself overnight. Thanks for getting me on diverticulitis because I have been using the word interchangeably with diverticulosis w/ shouldn't be done.