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Originally Posted by Georgy
Hey guys got a question. My girlfriend started the pill a little over 2 weeks ago between her periods. We had unprotected sex last night and she said she was spotting a little and than her period started today which seems odd to me becasue i would have thought the pill would have pushed it back becasue she has not started the other colored pills in her pack yet. So i guess im asking why she started already, and if we should worry about pregnancy.

This is very important..
birth control pills are not effective until the woman has completed one months worth after starting. So during the first month you are on the pill it is CRUCIAL that you use another form of contraception (like a condom). Starting the pill randomly will cause bleeding or spotting to happen and this is normal. after a month or two of taking the pill things will seem to be more normal. but because she started the pill at a random date , the day of her normal period will change. hope this helps.