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Re: 4 yr old son Dxed w/ADHD today

I quite agree with some of the other posters- many with Autism can speak quite well - they are just high functioning. I think I would seek one or two more opinions on this- this is not just ADHD. Find a Pediatric Psychologist who specializes in this area. There is also a strong chance of Ausbergers Syndrome as well. (Also, ADHD can not be accurately diagnosed until a child is at least the age of 8 years)

I wish you the best of luck


Originally Posted by Chellaine
Thank you for your replies, they are much appreciated. I wanted to let you know that he has been tested for Autism and they tell me that he is not Autistic, mainly because he can talk. I think they are full of it. The psychiatrist also told me that yesterday, that thee is no way he is Autistic. He also has Impuls Control Disorder, he has no self control, and he knows it. If he sees an open door, he is compelled to run through it and keep running, therefore, I have to keep locks on all my doors in my house. I even have a lock on the inside of my bedroom door, I have to lock us in our bedroom at night, otherwise, he wakes up before me and runs outside and down the street. If we go to a store, we have to keep him either in a cart or put him on his harness and leash, if we don't, he will run off. Holding his hand just don't work, he get's very antsy and throws a fit and don't want you to touch him. That's the reason for the leash, for the "no contact".
Thanks again for the responses.