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Cool Re: 4 yr old son Dxed w/ADHD today

I do feel for you-- went through the tip of the iceburg with my friends son so I don't think I got a tenth of the emotions ect.. The doctors several said no help to heavy drugs. I lean toward the organic side of life as much as posssible-- my chiorpractor adjusts babies to 90 some year old people and has plenty of clients so he doesn't need to "take " anyones money. Xrays -consultation- after 3 adjustments girl friends son is able to color a whole page in the lines, wait for his dinner to be placed on the table without a fit, matches clothes age 6, will wait his turn pretty well. She can't be the only one to get her son back. I don't think it was all luck or the power of what ever. The action taken was to align the neck and spine to let the nerves find there path- if nerves are damaged I'm told- if they are going to heal it is appx 1 inch per month. It may be of help to you there are several testimonials adult and child-- My opinion after dealing with physicians in my area is one doctors' diagnosis is not good enough and one type of doctor or practioner is not the only choise. medical, homeopathic, chiorpractic, accupuncture, dietition I'm saying seek out the thing(s) that work for your situation and don't dissmiss on the grounds of one opinion

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