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how do i tell him?

OK theres this guy who has liked me for the lonngest time( just recently found that out a couple days ago when he told me) I really had no idea until he said something to me, but i just dont see him in that way. Im so afraid hes gonna try and ask me out(known for asking girls out after he tells them hes liked them) so ive been kinda avoiding conversation with him which is a little hard seeings how we eat lunch together I dont know how to tell him that i dont like him in that way, or if he does ask me out, i dont know how to let him down easy. hes a great friend, and i just wish he didnt have to like me lol. Im just afraidwe wont talk nemore if i tell him that, and i know i could just say I just want to be freinds or whatever but hell get hurt just by that...i just dont know what to do...

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