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Re: how do i tell him?

Originally Posted by basilisk
Tell him you are not interested in dating him. DO NOT make up stories or excuses, tell him you have a boyfriend, etc as these will only hurt him more. If he really is a friend, when you tell him 'no' he will get over it. He may or may not talk to you after this, but he will be less hurt in the long run than if you say 'just friends' or try to deceive him! G'luck

Tell him you wouldnt mind hanging out with him and going to do things but you see him more as a good friend then as being a boyfriend. I am with the above poster dont deceive him, and instead of saying "I just want to be friends with you" say something like: "That really makes me feel good to hear you say that you like right now though I would just like us to hang out and get to know each other a lot better.... right now I am just not attracted to you in that way, but I want to hang out and get to know you better because you never know what could happen." then leave it there....

Because the honest truth is you never know what will happen. My fiance and I started out as good friends and I didnt want anything with him because I was really attached to someone else, but after a while I began to realize that I was attracted him and I start noticing that I missed him more than I missed the guy I was with at the time!! SO you never know....

Good luck
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