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Re: I don't belong...

Don't think about it. Go and do as you please. Be happy to have friends. Be happy to have friends in many groups. I do, and it's great.

If you are annoyed by them, then they are being annoyed by you, so watch out. People are fickle, but I enjoy them all.

Currently I hang out with people from every group imaginable, and when I have a gathering.... It's the best.

Rich and poor, gay and straight, black, white, Hispanic, blue collar, white collar, fun and boorish... We all get along.

You should never hate anybody, feel bad for there shortcomings and do a little to smooth things out. You can't save the world or everyone.

Care about yourself, and teach others to have compassion for people less fortunate and all the world will befriend you.

Remember, the less fortunate can just be someone you think is a jerk.

Why are they a jerk?

Find out and you will be rewarded.

Even jerks enjoy being loved... Perhaps they don't get love at home.