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Overcoming a phobia of fat in anorexia

Hi, I'm hoping for some advice on how best to help my daughter. She is 16 and recovering from anorexia. She is gaining weight and is really working hard to keep to her diet. She is not afraid of gaining weight but she cannot bring herself to eat hardly any fat - she scrutinizes packets etc. and cannot bring herself to eat anything which is not 98 per cent fat free, so no spreads, eggs, barely any red meat, and off course no cakes, biscuits, etc. I'm not allowed to use any oil in cooking, or grease any baking trays. One saving grace - she will now eat oily fish! Up to now we have managed OK like this but now the professional medical team want us to start challenging this part of her anorexic behaviour, because by doing what she wants we are reinforcing the anorexia. But how to do this? She says she understands all the health benefits of eating some fat but just 'can't' bring herself to eat it. I rang the Eating Disorders Association here in the UK, but they recommended NOT confronting her. Yesterday she and I ended up having a row about it, which I know was all wrong . . . but it's so upsetting seeing her driven by this obsession and I really don't know what to do any more. Has anyone else been through something similar, as a sufferer or a carer? Desperately need some help.

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