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Re: Overcoming a phobia of fat in anorexia

i can understand what your daughter's going through...obviously it's not ideal but at least she IS gaining weight. and really, it's the calories that make you gain weight; you could eat just fat but if the calorie content is too low then you can actually lose weight....

i think that the oily fish is a good beginning on the fat issue, maybe you could compromise w/her on something, like just gradually bringing eggs back into her diet? i definitely wouldn't force any of this stuff on her, but i would start greasing the trays again, for instance...she might pick away the crust of the bread that touched the butter but i really think she'll get tired of it after a while once she gets even better. oh yeah, one more thing, make sure you don't sneak any fats into her food (like saying something has no butter when it actually does) because once she finds out she'll have lost trust. i just wanted to mention that 'cause it was an issue for me.

good luck! it sounds like you're both on the right track.