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Re: Weaning off meds how do you know..........

Originally Posted by fruitloop
Hi All,
I decided that my meds had stopped working as was advised that i could either come off them or be given more to combat this.
Well i decided to wean off and give it a go.
So 10 days ago i cut my meds from 45ml of remeron down to 30ml to see what would happen? Well first three days was sickness and headaches but then all of a sudden i felt alot better for the next two days and thought "Great" its working! Then all of a sudden the last two days i have been feeling depressed and wonder whether to carry on cutting down (i was told to cut down by 15mg every 10 days).
I also take Diazepam when needed usually 10mg in the morning and 10 about 4 pm'sh.
Is this withdrawal? at first i thought it was (headaches, sickness) but then after 2 good days the depression returned so do i carry on weaning off or is the depression telling me i need the Remeron .
Its so difficult to know which way to go? Up or Down.
Has anyone got or had the same effects on withdrawal and is the depression that returned telling me i need the drug or is it all part of the withdrawal.


A very confused Fruitloop.
Hi Fruit-
I was on just about every med and remeron worked best for me too but made me gain weight and have to sleep a ton too. I am happy to report that I am now off of all meds thanks to Cignitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Look into CBT as it is very effective and if you really want to get better and work at it, it also works remakably quickly. My favorite starter book on CBT is "Been There, Done That? Do This! by Sam Obitz. I don't think I ever could have weaned off meds without the skills I learned in CBT and I was weaned off at a slower pace than you are trying. Good luck

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