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Re: Weaning off meds how do you know..........

Originally Posted by fruitloop
Thanks for the replies.
I cut down again last night to 15mg for the first time and slept for 12 hours ! and thats the most i ever slept even when i was on 45mg i only got about 6 hours.
I have started to get a big headache but i had this last time i dropped for two days.
I know what you are saying about the depression returning but why did it take 5 days and why did i have 2 days of feeling good beforhand!
It did not make sense? surely the depression would have happened almost imediately and i would not of had the 2 good ones.
Thats why i cant get it out of my head that this remeron is actually working against me and i wont really know untill its right out of my system.
I exept possibly that i need medication but i seem all mixed up at the moment as its like a roller coaster ride coming off and is not giving me a clear signal.
I have been booked in for CBT but have been put on a waiting list for 9 months and have now recieved a letter stating that they have nobody at the moment and it could take longer!
I will go and buy this book on CBT withdrawal but what is the basics of what the book is saying and how did it help.
What also bugs me is the two doctors i see also contradict each other ,one says to come off in 2 weeks and the other says in 4 !
Oh well here's hoping i am going to go for it i guess i will know soon sure enough.
Thanks for the replies.
This is just my opinion, but if I were you I think I not not be in such a rush to get off the meds just for getting off the meds sake. That's why I was encouraging you to learn CBT first. That really sucks that you are being put off so long buy your medical provider in getting started in CBT The book I recommended is an introduction to CBT and does not go into any specifics at all about weaning off of drugs so if that is what you are expecting DON'T get that book. If you want to learn CBT it is a great starter book as it is simple and talks about the whole process from a sufferer's point of view. As far as the speed of your reduction, whether you do CBT or not I think slower is always better. Good luck!

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