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getting over it

I was wondering... will I ever be the same around guys? I dumped my abusive ex back in february, but I'm still feeling the shock of it (plus he broke the restraining order and "someone" stole the keys to my jeep in school)

I dunno... it's just that I don't act the same around guys. I kinda get this sick feeling... I met this great guy on the internet. I know, I know... "internet dating". But he's a friend of my best friend. He lives a ferry ride from me. I think he's the kinda guy I would go for. I mean he's gorgeous, he thinks I am too... I luv basketball, he luvs basketball. He's not into drugs or anything, he's even kinda shy. I luv shy guys. We talk for a long time too. Longer than he talks to my friend even and she knows him...

I dunno. It's just that, say I met a guy that I had potential to like. I'm always sick around guys. Will I ever be able to go out with a guy that I like anymore? I wish I lived closer to the internet guy. He's great. He's just what I'd want in a guy....

Ahhhh, I'm sooo confused. I can't handle anything anymore. I'm just plain depressed. I saw a therapist... I'm going back sometime next week. Provincial basketball is on friday, but I've got a chest infection now so I won't be able to play much (got asthma). I'm still doing crappy in school. Got a 14% on a chem assignment (I had a 100% average )

i dunno. I just hate that i can't do anything anymore...

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