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Overwhelmed & Frustrated!

I am so frustrated and just plain tired of continual pain! I developed MRSA infection, which spread to my bloodstream, as post-op complications from shoulder surgery a year ago. I was on IV Vancomycin for 3 weeks and several other antibiotics by mouth. Appearantly, the staph was not completely erradicated and, as suspected by my rheumatologist, could be the trigger for what she believes is Reactive Arthritis. My flares are not under control, in spite of Voltaren 75mg taken 3 times a day. I'm also back on Vicodin for chronic pain. I am to the point of pulling "all-nighters" with no sleep at all several times a week. My feet hurt so bad each morning, I have to hold on to the bed to walk around it. Various joints take turns becoming painful, swollen, & hot - especially elbows, shoulders, knees, wrists, & fingers. I've already got the "swan neck" fingers you see in RA. My back and neck (especially my neck!) persist with practically continual pain. Sometimes, my neck just feels incredibly thick and hard from muscle tension from the pain. I've had trigger point injections, but they really aren't that great because they don't last very long.

My rheumatologist has suspected RA, Lupus, Reiters - but my labs don't support these dx, so I'm just stuck in one of the AS arthritis's for lack of a better "label".

I feel like I'm completely falling apart with a physical meltdown. How do you cope with the pain? I'm medicating, stretching, applying hot compresses, etc, but I can't seem to get this under control. How do you combat the overwhelming emotions? I know I'm depressed and I'm taking Paxil and Trazadone, but it doesn't seem to help. What could be happening relating back to the MRSA bacteremia? Should I be on stronger meds (I tried Endocine, but could not tolerate it at all!)?

I want my life back! Can anyone offer any help or guidance? Thanks in advance!

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