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Re: getting over it

Originally Posted by jillybelly
thanks 8ball (jeff lol)

It's just... I feel terrible. I can't get anything on track. My therapist pointed out that I don't take ownership of myself. I had siad something like... "If it were up to me I'd never have had sex in the first place". He was saying "who was it up to then".

Newaz... I dunno what to do. It's like everything in my life is ruined. I hurt physically now too. I've got a stupid chest infection and I don't think I'll be able to play provincial basketball which I've been training for since september..

stupid trivial problems....


The best advice is to take this on step at a time. Don't rush into anything. Keep talking to your therapist and you'll see things will get better.

You don't need a guy in your life at this time. Yes, you have been emotionally hurt now you need to fix that before you get into another relationship.

Your pain will heal....just take it slowly