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Re: Nude outdoor tanning etiquette

Originally Posted by t-dash
Since I live in the boonies some girls want to come over and tan naked with me once its summer time since there's privacy here. I'm not sure what the boundaries should be though, I mean we'll be naked allready so..... and obviousely they arn't going to mind being naked with me. I tan naked alone all the time but never with a tanning partner, fair game or is there etiquette where I shouldn't come onto them or take advantage of the situation?

T Dash

Consider yourself god if women want to tan in the nude with you. Just make sure that you are single so your GF doesn't get mad.

For as taking advantage of themmmm... Well I would let them just tan.. There are a lot a diseases out there and I am sure you don't want to get anything. I would just say watch your step. Don't force yourself into anything. If you don't want anything to happen then don't let them tan.