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Re: Nude tanning etiquette

I think I agree with you. Its just tanning, and being naked is just so we don't get tan lines. One girl does it often with other people, so she's experienced there and said nothing usually happens (though she has fooled around in the past while tanning), I was talking to her last night, another girls never done it but wants to be able to tan buff to avoid tan lines and without fake baking and she's comfortable around me so she said she won't mind tanning naked, and the 3rd I doubt will do it, she's chicken but she liked the idea, we'll see if she bails out. As for etiquette I believe its just tanning, nothing sexual, its fun being naked and seeing someone else naked but that doesn't mean anything has to go on, but if it does I'm all game, I just won't make the first move.
Oh and these girls are all friends of mine, they know I live in the country and they know I often tan alone out here, they arn't random girls, and they won't be tanning with me all at the same time... though that WOULD make for an interesting situation

Originally Posted by SneakyToast
Wow. That is a surprisingly interesting situation.

I don't know how you can say there is etiquette, but then again. How do these girls know you?

That would be kind of awkward if random girls decided to go tanning.

Anyway, I think your best bet would be to leave them alone. See what they intend to do. I'm thinking they might have other motives in mind if they were bold enough to ask to tan naked with you.

And have fun, of course.