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Exclamation Re: HELP! Swollen Tongue, Yellow, after extraction

Originally Posted by Respo Mycojackson
What is this swollen, painful, off-colour tongue about?

I have had about 25 teeth pulled in the past two years, and this, the last one I need to get out, ended up making my tongue swell.

At least I think thats what it is - ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS WHAT IT IS FROM?

The tongue has a large swelling right in the middle of it, and the colour is like coffee, a bit yellower, and a thick clear slime coating. [mucous, sorry].

It is way to tender, or maybe weak, to swallow anything but water, and that can be impossible at times too.

It has not impaired my breathing tho, thank goodness.

The tooth they pulled had an abscess[infection], and maybe that moved around after pulling the tooth? It did take one whole week after the extraction to get real bad,to actually swell up, but it had been acting weird, a bit painfull at times, in the days right after the extraction.

I have had dark purple spots, blood vessles I think, along the one side of the tongue for a couple years, painfull at times./.
Please see A dentist soon!! This could be round two of infection for you! Let us know at the board how it turned out, okay? I'll be praying for you!