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Re: Hi Everyone!

Originally Posted by EVERYDAY SUNDAY
Hi guys/girls,

I'm new here.

I do not have depression at the present moment but I feel that it's coming back to me so I signed up.

Just a brief introduction about myself. I'm 32 years old, male, single. I have had two major episodes in my life and I feel that this one would be " The Return of The King ".

My last episode saw me going for 12 ECT sessions.

I'm here to share the story of my life and I need some good advices cos I just dont really know what to do anymore when there is no hope.

Hope you all will welcome me here.
I'd get chjecked out, but the answer for me was cognitive behavioral therapy (cbt). I was on meds for many years before I found cbt and it cured me and got me off meds in a remarkably short period of time. Best of all once you learn the tools in cbt you have them forever so you are able to give yourself relief almost instantly whenever you are feeling stressed, anxious or down. It's all about using the tools to learn to think more clearly and accurately about things and once you do your anxiety, panic and depression will miraculously begin to lift before your eyes. My favorite starter book on cbt is "been there, done that? Do this! By sam obitz. Like anything in life the more you put in the more you get out of cbt.

Don't expect anyone to help you, if you won't help yourself!