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Post Need input re: Kindergarten/CCK

Hi- could use some input here.

Wy wife and I have called a meeting wuth the teacher regarding my 5yo son who has been diagnosed with HF Autism spectrum. He exhibits aural comprehension issues, has problems paying attention & listening, etc. He also reads on a second grade + level and processes math very quickly.

We have an IEP, and (we thought) worked it to advantage for him. The assigned him to a school with a reputation for excellence with challenged children, and assigned him to a CCK class which would theoretically (and we got this in writing) be able to develop his social/class skills while feeding his brain- and mainstream him into Kindergarten as quickly as feasible.

The teacher we got, unfortunately, is fresh out of college, and seems to lack experience necessary to handle a HF autistic kid. Louie has had two recesses taken away from him in the last three days and is in timeout constantly- mostly because he has trouble focusing on the "T is for Turtle" book he read two years ago. He's bored stiff. He has trouble paying attention (OF COURSE-- sorry, frustrated) and is being punished for it. We're now having to pump him up when he comes home to keep his little self esteem high.

I must be missing something here. They specifically assigned him to this school to avoid these things. I don't know if I need to "learn the teacher" and stick it out, or call down another IEP and get this fixed. I run the risk of alienating the teacher after only two weeks if I bring the administration down on her.

Any advice welcome.

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